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2015 SOA Committees

The SOA currently has sixteen committees to better serve its membership. Anyone can be appointed to any committee by the SOA President, and these committees meet and conduct business as necessary throughout the year. The committees for 2015 are as follows:

Awards Legislative Scholarship Backstretch Membership
* Mike Forte * Chris Wittstruck * Bob MacDougall * Peter Younger *John Brennan
Jeff Gregory Jeff Gregory John Brennan Dennis Laterza Sandra Kaufman
Ray Schnittker Peter Venaglia Edward Fucci Bob MacDougall Chris Wittstruck
Brian Sears   Henry Gargiulo Mike Forte  
George Brennan   Sandra Kaufman    
    Ray Schnittker    
By-Laws & Election Negotiating Ed Ryan    
*Chris Wittstruck * Peter Venaglia   Player’s Reward/ADW: Drivers
Peter Venaglia Peter Younger   *Alex Dadoyan *Jordan Stratton
Edward Fucci Steve Finkelstein   Irv Atherton Jason Bartlett
  Bob MacDougall   Phil Bogner Mike Forte
  Chris Wittstruck Track Ted Derian Jeff Gregory
    * John Brennan Mike Forte George Brennan
    Jason Bartlett   Brian Sears
    Tyler Buter
    Jordan Stratton  
NYS R&W Liason Executive George Brennan Office Personnel Trustees
* Chris Wittstruck * Peter Venaglia Brian Sears * Peter Venaglia * Peter Venaglia
John Brennan Irv Atherton   Irv Atherton Irv Atherton
Edward Fucci Mike Forte   Bob MacDougall John Brennan
Mike Kimelman     Chris Wittstruck Joseph Faraldo
Jordan Stratton International Trot Promotions   Jordan Stratton
  * Mike Kimelman *Peter Younger   Chris Wittstruck
  Jordan Stratton Irv Atherton   Ray Schnittker
  Bob MacDougall John Brennan   Henry Gargiulo
  Peter Younger Alex Dadoyan    
Joseph A. Faraldo, President  
Member of All Committees (718) 544 - 6800 * Committee Chairperson